Appam-C and the Capital-C

While I am starting to write this post, I guess I am inspired by the Fake IPL Player (FIP), what a time to remember that guy when IPL is a day away from its 3rd season and also his book is a day away from now. One of the surest recollections from Fake IPL Player is Appam Chutiya, and each time I am reminded of the guy I almost go mad laughing and rolling-polling over the floor. How nicely this character has been created and even well presented in the story, must say I will be indebted to FIP for his story line and an inspiration for this blog.

[For all those of you who are unaware of the tales of the Great Appam Chutiya, please go ahead and read the entire story here : The Fake IPL Player , I assure you a guaranteed laugh].

Well, now coming to my Appam Chutiya………he is none other than one of my class-mates…….trust me, no one else can make an ass of himself the way he could do it. Whats more fascinating and sometimes thrilling to know is that each and every time he gets an opportunity to open his mouth he does it once again. Oops!

Provide this guy (oh! yes you can narrow down your choices now….he is a guy) a slightest of the hint, and he would steal the opportunity by opening his mouth, and each time he steal such an opportunity he supersedes his own past performance of being an Appam Chutiya……..

Now, for the benefit of all who can’t speak such complicated Indian lingo we have cut short his name to only C….and we respectfully call him ‘Capital-C

So my dear Capital-C ….. I dedicate this statement to you, and the likes of you roaming here and there in this world…..

‘Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups’

Hats off to your super abilities and nature defying capabilities……we bow you…..and probably generations to come would remember you for your great feats!


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