Appam-C and the Capital-C – Part II

Update: Some people have started to believe that Capital-C should be called the Appam-C, that suits him better. So I leave this decision upto you all who are reading this page what should he be termed as – Appam or Capital C. Whats is sure is that he will continue to called a C.

Appam-C and the Capital-C got  a huge response, I am thankful that you appreciated this step……..well to continue the story and bring some added thrill to the un-written saga – ‘The Great Appam-C and his Chutiyapa’, I am adding some colours and avenues for a greater participation into the story which will unfold in the weeks to come. I tell you, sometimes its very important to live the character to enjoy the story at the fullest…….so go ahead and take some leads from whats written below:

Now, a quick update……..Soon we are going to hold a competition where People will be asked to act like Appam-C and the judge would be THE Appam-C himself. Now imagine, what kind of exposure you can get. What kind of experience you are supposed to generate by practicing to be someone like the great C, Appam-C. I encourage you all to start behaving and living in the shoes and the persona of the great maestro!

Second, do you guys remember that dialog from famous Amitabh Bachchaan movie where he says – Hum jahan khade hotey hain, wahin se line shuru hoti hai! Thrilled? Guess you have read my mind….well, you are right – There will a competition where we will have to display those abilities where one will get quick 30 seconds to display his agility and presence (or absense) of mind and speak up How would Appam-C react in this situation. I tell you, this could be a huge challenge because everyone would want to display the learnings from past so many months, day after day, every class. So keeping in view the tremendous competition, I have decided that this would be a Buzzer Round!!!!

There would other rounds too but to keep the enthusiasm alive and saving the surprise factor I am not revealing the other competitions which are in store, they will be released in times to come. So stay tuned. But even more important thing to do is to start believing that Appam-C is somewhere around you, like the Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Trust me, going by this belief and devotion would help you gain the desired level of confidence and charisma on the competition day.

Finally, one short request……..if people can carry voice recorders and video cameras when with Appam-C, then we can get a closer view of the life of THE C. It would be treated as a service to the god himself, and we devotees of Sri Sri Appam Chutiya will be highly indebted to you forever. Kindly act and show your devotion!


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