Appam-C’s brother found

In a recent joyful news update, Appam-C’s brother has been found back in India. And the moment he was identified (via reliable sources) to be the  younger brother of THE Appam-C, people could not hold their patience and in an sudden out-burst of emotion and a sense of gratefulness to the extreme mercy of the god some people lost their self into the moment, some were found to be crying on the spot and some were found chanting the great mantra of Appam-C (picked up directly from those pious class-room sessions).

It has been reported that such a honest display emotions in a public gathering in contemporary times has been observed only when Lord Ganesha drank milk. Press and Media people had a sight to remember and capture it as a moment which they would remember for the rest of their life. and for all those devotees……its was like THE Respectable Appam-C himself being there.

And before we show you the pious video of Junior Appam-C, we must bring something to your notice that you have to give special attention to the ‘down-to-earth’ kind of nature and his mild way of expressing himself……truley he deserves to be the Junior Appam-C.

What remains to be a point of severe speculation among all the media people and the corridors of the established institutions is that what would happen on the day when Appam-C himself would decide to be before public……I believe such questions should be left to be answered by time itself!

And without wasting even a single moment, I take you all to the Junior Appam-C……


2 thoughts on “Appam-C’s brother found

  1. Dude as discussed today, please update on both the concepts APPAM – C******* and the second one called C******* (rest all stars are small letters). I know that there are many contenders for the second category, but as we have decided on this person please write something for him.

  2. Dear writer, You have written about C********’s from our class. But as per my observation there are some in the other class also. I hope you understand who it is. He is very close to you as you say a lot about him. Please expecting something about C********’s from other class also.

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