Babu, Baby, Shona, and Cutie

Act 1: Imagine a situation where you are meeting a sales guy or a banker who is telling you about his product and he acts in a way by which you consider him to be a dynamic and a capable guy. He is done with his presentations, you are impressed and you wish to forward your recommendations to your boss for further action on the purchasing. And then suddenly his girlfriend comes in that outdoor meeting, and somewhere in that discussion she calls him ‘shona’.

Act 2: You are walking down the street or in a mall, you get to see a couple walking towards you. They are talking and smiling, you get interested in her girlfriend and start dreaming that even you should get a girlfriend some time soon. You are enticed to the fact that how goody-goody it feels to be walking the way this couple is. They come closer and then you eavesdrop their conversation, and then you get to hear that he calls her ‘chinu’ and she calls him ‘cheena’.

Act 3: You are having fun staring at some hot girl in the college canteen, and in the mean time some couple comes at the same table and start talking about their daily life and suddenly in the heat of the moment they get too involved in their life and start discussing things by taking the pet names of each other like – Cutie, Shona etc etc.

God knows how most of you react to such things, but I get absolutely turned off by such idiotic names. I mean how can girlfriends ruin the image of guys in public? And how the hell these macho looking guys become so idiotic to start calling their girlfriends by their pet-names. Who stops them to use all such names in private, but in public! Complete Turn-Off.

And this torture gets intensified (especially for the boy-friends) if end up getting a girl who is Bollywood kind girl-friend. She would leave no chance in displaying the PDA (if you dont know what PDA is, you need to get a girl-friend as urgently as possible), and then a public mess of your reputation and personality by calling you with names like – Babu, Shona, Baby, Cutie, and all similar sounding rubbish.

Whats wrong girls? How does it help to call a guy a ‘cutie’ in public? If I were the one who would have been called a cutie in public, I would have felt embarrassed and could have searched for a reason to hide my face from others. [I know, no one will say me a cutie for obviously un-attractive face that I have, but then how do you think about someone calling me babu!! or baby?]

[this post was inspired by the tweets from @chetan_bhagat]


3 thoughts on “Babu, Baby, Shona, and Cutie

  1. Great article Sarsij…. PDA actually turns me off, as well as the above mentioned pet names…. Btw, what happened to Appam ??

  2. High time you get a girl friend.Really it is glaringly evident and blindingly clear that you are in urgent need of a female partner.

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