Saif and Me

Disclaimer : All those who came to this page thinking that I have posted an exclusive interview with Saif, or if you felt that Saif was clicked with me, then I am sorry you came to the wrong post.

Added Precaution: This post is an outcome of utter boredom, and hence could be extremely boring for most of you. So read this one, only after calculating the risks ahead.

How does it feel to watch the old videos, or the very old photographs? To me its an embarrassing  experience. Excluding the ones in which some girl (or say, chic) was thankfully holding me so tight that I didn’t want to forget that experience. But jokes apart, last time my mom opened my childhood calendar, it was all so embarrassing for me, I mean, look any pic and I am either nude, or crying. What was all that? And my mom says that those were good memories? Oh God, mummy please stop watching Ekta Kapoor serials, you are spoiled watching all those useless rona-dhona!

Now, this evening I tried to watch some of the old videos. It led to a laughter riot, and trust me, the only thought which came into my mind was – What the hell is this guy doing, and what would happen to this guy if he watches these videos now. I am talking about Saif Ali Khan and his disastrous movies like – Ashiq Awaara, Tu Khiladi Mai Anari.

if I get so embarrassed to see my old pics and old videos, god knows what would Saif feel after watching this video.

If you pay even little attention to the song below, you will be able to decide what all I am talking about. Things to watch out for in the song are – Dance steps and the special emphasis to the movement of the long hair, the pink handkerchief and its importance in the life of the hero, and the smile of the lady. I tell you, there is no reason why Saif should have been a star in those days, and Shilpa is not a star even now. Afterall there is a maximum limit for things to change and look acceptable. Enjoy the video below


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