Virtual Store….now a reality!

This is what the tech savvy nation like South Korea needed the most – A Virtual Store!
In nutshell, it allows anyone to keep buying things without browsing the internet, instead keep a track of the bar-code of the things you liked while roaming around the city and order those things from your smart phone.
Simple na…..when you like something while walking around the city, just scan the bar-code and that thing is ready to be ordered!
What is even more surprising – Suppose you order something while going to the office, when you are back home in the evening your shipping would have been delivered!

So what next? As I can see, this is what is next in line – You visit the shopping mall, keep scanning for things and while you are coming out, your smartphone makes a bulk payment of all things purchased and the stuff is delivered to you at the exit point, or is booked for delivery at your doorstep. Which means you will shop as always in a mall, minus the pain of carrying things on your own!


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