Rape victim flown to Singapore. Possible conspiracy theories…

A few minutes ago I did learn about the rape victim being shifted to a Singapore hospital on Wednesday night. And I am tempted to dive a bit deeper into this matter………forgive me if it sounds like a conspiracy theory…but it can’t be denied under the present situation…..

Best Case Situation: The government is really concerned about the welfare of the girl and believes that the girl needs a better case which can be delivered only in a country with superior medical facilities, and hence transferred to Singapore (keeping in mind the time duration of travel and superiority of country in medical services). Accepted, And I respect the government for its decision making abilities.

Good solution:

#a The government is ready to accept that the top hospitals in India are not able to handle the complex situation the rape victim is going through, and hence transfers the girl to a superior hospital wherever available. [Is the government accepting that their hospitals are not good enough to handle complex cases?] Accepting that your system has problems is the best way to adopt the changes in the times to come. If this is the intent of the government, I am sure India has a bright future ahead!

#b Is the girl being transferred to Singapore with a consent from the Singapore government? Or is it only on the basis of some private hospital’s assurance? By the way, private hospitals dont give any assurance of anything. [Can we the people of India know the political angle of this transfer?] Is the government just trying to pass the blame? If this is the case, then in 2014 elections the government will have something to save itself from the questions concerning this issue.It is always easy and politically correct to pass the blame to a private organization.

#c Is the victim being taken away from the local environment just because government wants to alienate the victim from the land of revolutionaries? Unlikely, but if this is the plan, then kudos to government’s think tanks for their situation control in Delhi. They are taking away the passion from those who are protesting at India Gate and sending a discouraging message to them. This clearly indicates that Delhi’s elections are somewhere near! 

Bad Cases:

Doctors understand that this girl would not survive now, and have communicated the same to the political heads and she needs to be transferred to somewhere else to delay the news and control the local situation? Is this government playing the game of alienating the victim and delaying the information? Quite possible, but could be a complete conspiracy theory of my mind. [Is this government just playing some dirty game with the girl, her family, and the masses? ] This strategy would certainly backfire, and the government would be caught in the trap sooner than they believe.

Being honest, I am not convinced that the girl should have been flown to some other land. But I am saying so only under the influence of a possible conspiracy theory in making…….forgive me and my doubting mind. I will be absolutely fine if the girl comes back in good health. I also promise to write a sorry note to government if such is the outcome of this move.


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