Confuse, don’t fight!

Today we saw on television how President of India’s son first gave some derogatory remarks for the female protesters, and then worsened his situation by defending whatever he said earlier. And as expected, media has decided to devote its entire air-time over the person and his whole approach to female and how he being the son of President Pranav Mukherjee could even say such things.

Its not the first time when someone of such repute and high positioned person had committed the crime of defending his wrong believing that he would get rid of it soon. Take the case of Tiger Woods, he not only crafted a means to reach the top of media debates, he also lost some of the massive endorsements in a matter of few days. And when all the bad was done, he finally emerged to say sorry.

Why do people attract the negative media attention when they also understand that they are not in a position to hide from the public view for long. The only reason why I can think of is that such people believe that they can manage the media and rest all will subside on its own. Well, that could be the case with some of the issues. But I am certain that some people can’t escape it however hard they try.

One of the frameworks I believes works well in the cases  where you know that you have done something wrong and have been caught red-handed, the best strategy is to accept the mistake and exit the stage gracefully, instead of extending the debate to weeks and then finally accept the mistake.

See this issue from a different viewpoint, what is the role of media when such a thing happens? As I understand, the role of media becomes very easy – Dive as deep as possible and find out everything related to the person and his action. Irritate the person to a point where he loses his cool and blabbers something even more rubbish. Here the game is just about handling the media’s mindset – Confuse the media and people by simply accepting the mistake. The media would feel foolish about itself and people will simply neglect the story for the lack of any entertainment.

So next time when a popular personality is caught red-handed, I will only advice him to confuse the media, instead of fighting it!


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