Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum: Don’t ban, Ignore!

Publicity 2011

Publicity 2011 (Photo credit: Saül Gordillo)

Recently, *Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum* got a few links blocked via ISPs (after the court ruling)…now the interesting thing is that just after two days, all those data have been placed and publicized more beautifully and in an organized manner. The only lesson that’s evident here is – Banning something makes more highlighted, and catches more eye-balls….. (and even the Pony-Tailed guy understands it).

Had banning anything made any sense ever, Salman Rushdie would have never been popular, Taslima Nasrin would have led an unknown life, Black Friday (the movie) would have never made way into your computer hard disks, Delhi paan-waalas would have never had a separate revenue stream by selling weed, etc.

All in All, banning anything and everything would almost always create a demand via alternative channels.

Now the most important thing – The Pony-Tailed Guy and his *Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum* team understands the importance of negative publicity, the more it is talked about in negative manner – the more publicity it gets. Their target market has anyway nothing to do with any of these negative details about *Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum*. So the *Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum* team makes it a point to earn some negative publicity each and every year!

The long and the short of *Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum*’s move?

We will see even bigger posters of *Eye-Eye-Pee-Yum*’s achievements in the Times of India in weeks to come, and they will once again have a house-full admissions even this year. And may be some sponsored events on News channels where the pony-tailed guy would speak at length and the crowds will be clapping and roaring in admiration their thought leader 🙂

So, what is the solution?
Don’t ban, simply ignore! The biggest punishment you can give to a potential fraudster in your eyes is to not talk about him. No media mentions, no internet links, nothing. Just pretend that the person doesn’t exist. It takes years to see the effect, but it works….


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