The Political Illiterate or The Politically Fooled

Recently I read a quote shared by a friend on his Facebook wall, it made me pause for a while, and forced me to think and relate it to the contemporary situation in India. I would highly appreciate if you can spare a moment with the wonderful message written in the image (below), which places an extreme emphasis on the importance of politics in a common man’s day-to-day life.

The Worst Illiterate

With that I would like to leave you to ponder over this thought and identify yourself as who you are – The Political Illiterate, or The Politically Fooled!

Is there a third category? You decide for yourself.

[This post was written after Justice Katju’s note on contemporary political expectations in India, which can be read herehere. Please be informed that I am neither accepting his views, neither rejecting it. Justice Katju is a man of experience, and has seen crude realities of this country and hence his words need to be taken seriously.]


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