Books & Movies (2015)

Recently, I promised to myself that I will read one book and watch (at least one) movie each week in the year 2015, and if I like the idea I will continue doing so for as long as I may. And having religiously done so since the very first week of this year, I have got some success. And now I am enthused to keep a public record of the books & movies I have read and seen this year. By no means this list is a recommendation, rather this is a suggestion list which may (or may not) accept 🙂

Books (Updated till 31st January 2015)

1. Scott AdamsHow to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

2. Viktor FranklMan’s Search for Meaning.

3. Ravish KumarIshq Mein Shaher Hona (Hindi)

4. Anis BariDreams of Mango People.

5. Ha-Joon ChangEconomics: A User’s Guide

Movies (Updated till 31st January 2015)

1. Deepa Mehta‘s – 1947 Earth

2. Shyam Benegal‘s – Junoon

3. Tapan Sinha‘s – Ek Doctor Ki Maut

4.  Asif Kapadia‘s – Senna

[A word of caution while you take any inspiration from the above book list – In the most generic manner, I am mostly interested in subjects which try to unearth some of the fundamental and usually overseen daily matters of life. My quest to unearth the daily matters of life take me from Economics, Finance, Technology, Sociology, Politics, and some times to Personal Improvement and Self-Help. I classify myself as a wanderer in life, and hence I have never been able to drop a book on the premise of its subject or area of discussion. In the most idle days of my life I have even read a complete book on Prime Numbers, and Palmistry. Making me feel doubly sure about myself – I am on a Serendipity walk called Life. And I strongly believe that if something has crossed me, it has crossed my path for a reason, and I must try to decode the information presented there. So, Unless you are someone like me, I would suggest that don’t try and read the above stuff without doing a first hand research about the book.

About my choice of movies, I can say just a few things – a) I was born and brought-up in a family where watching movies was not considered as a respectable thing to do, and hence in my growing up era I could only watch those movies which were telecasted on Doordarshan channel (that too if there was no power cut on those Sunday evenings), b) Hindi cinema is what I can understand better than any other language (honestly, I need to read sub-titles when I watch any non-Hindi movie), c) To me Cinema is an art-form, which must be used to express vivid nature of our society and people, and hence, by choice I reject all those movies which are based on some kind of formula or cover some of the subjects which have been repeatedly juiced by the movie industry. Choice is yours whether you would want to watch my kind of cinema.]


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